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Getting Started

First-day Survey – for WordPress ‘About’

General Class Policies –  expectations, obligations

Course Contract – Sign and return to continue

Beat Choices – required in Sitton’s writing courses

College of Media & CommunicationMultimedia Journalism

Campus Matters

A-Z Index

Faculty Sentate

Calendars: Campus | Academic

Schedules: Final Exams | Courses

Campus Map and Directions – Know here, there, too!

Emergency Manual – What to do when the unexpected occurs

Student Health Center

Directories: Dept | Faculty/Staff | Student

Student Handbook – Know your expectations

Information & Technology Services

Dean B. Ellis Library

Writing Center – Find help with writing problems

Bookstore – Purchase books, supplies

American Democracy Project

Bike campus | safety | tour

Campus Dining – Grab a bite to eat

Course Syllabi

Mass Communication in Modern Society (CMAC 1003) – Are you using media or being used?

Multimedia Reporting (MMJ 2013) – in-depth info for media writers | Lab (MMJ 2010) – practical experience

Reporting for Electronic Media (MMJ 3203) – in-depth info for media writers

News Design (MMJ 3073) – better communication through design

Previously Taught

Media Writing (CMAC 2003) – Basic traits of published work

Sports Reporting (MMJ 3053) – in-depth info for sports writers

News Editing (MMJ 3063) – improving the product

Advanced Reporting (3023) – in-depth info for media writers

Intro to Public Relations (3023) – in-depth info for business writers

Feature Writing (3043) – in-depth info for freelancer

Seminar: Comm Law & Ethics (4243) – learn accountability

Seminar: Literature of Journalism (4243) – The Greats

Public Speaking (1023) – learn the basics

Internships (425V) – Real-world experience

Independent Study (198V) | 479V Sr. Writing Project (3979)

MyCampus | Blackboard | Banner | FacMail

comp4Storage: Dropbox | MediaFire

Math: Calculators | GPA

Media Production

Macs, Word – quick keys, helpful hints

News Values – Base news on these

Current Beats – Help cover the campus.

Interviewing Guide – beginner’s help

Photography Primer – every article needs art; learn the VERY basics.

Fog Index – Use it to K.I.S.S.

Life RAFTS – Five rules of journalism

Jargon Buster – learn the lingo of the pros!

Write Right

Writing Help!

Article Format – Use for any article

AP Stylebook – “The Journalist’s Bible” — online subscription, used in every media course

AP Cheat Sheet – subject index

Attribution – Why we use “said”

Active Voice – Use it to punch up your articles.

News Tips FAQ – Beats, briefs and news tips.

Phrase Placement – Appositives, split infinitives and parallel structure.

Journalese/Redundancies – remove these distractions from your work.

Punctuation – Without it, you don’t have a point.

Siler’s Writing Recipe – Simplicity rules!

Spell Check? – Sure, but it won’t catch everything.

Grammarly – automated tutor, prevent plagiarism

-30- Journalist’s end-mark


Communication degrees | Multimedia Journalism Degree Plans

Learning outcomes – what  to expect

Arkansas GenEd course transfers – What typically transfers from other state colleges/universities

Registrar Bulletins (p 275) | Forms

University of Arkansas’ 5-Year Academic Calendar

Speech Help

Most Often Mispronounced English Words, Phrases

20 Embarrassing Phrases Even Smart People Misuse

American Rhetoric: Top 100 Speeches of 20th Century

The 35 Greatest Speeches in History

(^_-) TOP

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