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Sitton, Ron

Ron Sitton, associate professor of journalism, updates Comm-Stop for the Communication department in the School of Arts and Humanities. He advises students interested in the Communication major or minor, specifically those emphasizing in media.

In addition to teaching, Sitton advises the award-winning online news source, The Voice, which meets Mondays from 11:10 a.m. to noon in 106 Wells Hall. Contributors who appear in four consecutive issues can join the staff; student-media supporters can join the Journalism Club, which he also advises. He also advises Tau Kappa Epsilon, and is extremely proud that it chartered before he left campus. Those men proved perseverance will overcome most any obstacle.

Sitton can be found in 110 Wells Hall during office hours Mondays through Fridays from 8-9 a.m.; other meetings may be scheduled by appointment. Catch him most any time via email — sitton at uamont dot edu — or call his office at 870-460-1138, which he checks less frequently. He receives snail mail at 562 University Dr., Monticello, Ark., 71656-3460.

A native Arkansan, his educational background includes two degrees in journalism from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, and a doctorate of philosophy in Communication from the University of Tennessee. He expects to teach you about communication in this course. Sitton gained tenure and was promoted to associate professor of journalism in 2009; he continues working hard to provide a quality education to students even though he will be leaving at semester’s end. In 10 years, he also plans to finish traveling the United States as he only has Alaska and Hawaii left.

This article reminds Sitton when he found the best classes in elementary and high school were not those that made students memorize a bunch, but those that made him apply his knowledge. It directly affected how he teaches to this day. He occasionally blogs at -more- and, less frequently, The Southerner Journal; when time permits, he also freelances.

Sitton started working on the Web in 1996 for graduate school and considers himself an eight on a scale of one-to-10. He maintains a facebook account but only “friends” when a conflict of interest cannot exist.

Sitton uses twitter to help students tighten their writing and pass along a good word now and then. For those wishing to professionally network, Sitton keeps contact with business associates via LinkedIn.

Though he seldom watches TV, you’ll typically find Sitton in front of his own “devil box” — the computer. He saw “Star Trek” the last time he went to the movies (sad, I know). He and his wife typically watch movies via Netflix; he rates them via Flixster. They watched “Four Lions,” which he found different, interesting and even funny at times.

He prefers reading, having most re-read Somerset Maugham’s “The Razor’s Edge” and Randy Pausch’s “The Last Lecture” in preparation of giving his own as part of the Journalism Club’s Last Lecture series. His favorite books include Umberto Eco’s “The Island of the Day Before” and John McPhee’s “The Control of Nature.”

Online, Sitton downloads nugcasts from nugs.net‘s stash, discovers new artists through Daytrotter and purchases singles via the iTunes store. He regrets he hasn’t been exposed to new music this year due to a lack of finances. He would like to hear something new as it all sounds similar sometimes. Occasionally he whines about music on his personal blog.

Sitton admires the Washington Post for keeping the secret about the identity of Deep Throat for more than 30 years.

He also admires anyone who can buy good food for $50 that’ll last two weeks. He suggests peanut butter, jelly, bread, beans, rice, Cajun spice, coffee, spaghetti, sauce and a six-pack of Guinness, i.e. one every other day. Ron loves Tanya more than media.


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