SI fires photographers

All of those great photos this magazine grew on? So what. Apparently anyone can take a photograph these days.

I always wondered how the illustrators felt when photos became the rage.

More than Money

12 factors to consider

Remove 45 Things from Résumé

Thoughts from The Muse

Heavy Heart

Ronnie Currie

Ronnie Currie

I recently learned Ronnie Currie died.

Ronnie came into my office at UAM a few years ago slightly concerned that he was too old to get back into college. I assured him he should hold no worries as he proved to be a hard worker.

He loved sports, officiating sports and broadcasting games. He’d drive back and forth from his home in Crossett to his dorm at Monticello to see the games.


Despite setbacks from his illness, he kept a smile on his face. Ronnie always had a way of making my problems seem small, and lifting me up when I was down.

Ronnie Currie inspired me. He will be sorely missed.


Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 4.59.00 PMThe Arkansas Democrat-Gazette hired Danielle Kloap as their online reporter! Danielle graduated from the UAM journalism program in 2009 after serving as editor for both the yearbook and The Voice.

A Rebel’s Heartbreak

Love or leave SEC football, you can appreciate a family tale.

A Southern Legend

Bragg: ‘Pretension Murders Writing

Starting Over

To whom it may concern:

I accept full responsibility for denying my passion.

My personal life fell apart in divorce and I let it affect my professional life. I turned pragmatic to divest of encumbrances, spending the last year selling automobiles to eat and pay bills while using my retirement to remodel my house to sell.

But my heart is not in sales; I hope to earn an opportunity to return to the field I love.

Please direct additional inquiry to

Should I be flattered?

Found my AP Style Cheat Sheet on another blog today. At least the instructor left my copyright at the bottom of it, since it’s not changed at all. #smh

Journalists’ Privileged Attacked by Court

Reporter must testify

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