Additional Quiz Help

Dr. Manu Bhandari passes along this gem of a site to help you prepare for the AP Style portions of the quiz. You can take the quiz and get the answers.

You might want to thank him!

Using Media or Being Used?

banned_book_button-740492   Every October marks National Information Literacy Month. Are you using media or being used? Is it time to take a break?

   Maybe you need a media-free week (or at least a weekend). No computers, televisions, cell phones, radios, movies, newspapers or books — not counting school books, of course. If you cannot take that long, try turning off and tuning out for 24 hours. You’ll be surprised how refreshed you will be.

   This week also marks Banned Books Week. Get a twibbon for your profile picture to show your support! At the very least, see the most challenged books of the last year, courtesy of the Smithsonian.

   I missed posting yesterday, which marked Banned Websites Awareness Day. It seems too many people want to keep you in the dark about things of legitimate educational use.

   Celebrate something, i.e. the dark side wins when we refuse to stand up for knowledge.

Weekly Quiz Help

Help yourself with current events by reading the Herald for campus news ( The following online quizzes will help you in a pinch, but won’t inform you as much as a daily habit of perusing the news:

New York Times

News Currents



Charlie Rose

In Case You Missed It

The post-Katrina article “Brothers’ Keepers: How the Walker High Football Team Survived Katrina — and Its Aftermath” originally appeared in Take Part before the Huffington Post picked it up.

The original includes multimedia that sets it apart from the typical sports story. The second version only uses still photography.

What works (or doesn’t work) with the video clips? Which do you prefer?

(Thumbnail photo used here under Educational Fair Use)

On Campus

Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Prevention Week

Another Look Back

Since I’m not teaching Mass Communication/Media Literacy this semester, I will not be using this webnote. However, I think as Americans we should never quit asking until every question has been answered and verified. #NeverForget


Reading frees the mind,
which they can never take
from you.

Copy Edit America!

Machi Tanaka found these mistakes in printed publications.



Opening at Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

“So he shows up a lot?”

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 1.10.48 PM

h/t John Allison


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