Belated Thanks!

Thanks to 95.3 The Ticket’s Kara Richey for speaking with the sports reporting class Wednesday.

Students gained perspective on women in the industry from this region’s only female sports broadcaster.

Clean Your Copy, Earn Credit

As the semester winds down, you may want to help your grade.

Poynter currently offers a free 1-2 hour self-directed course titled “Cleaning Your Copy: Grammar, Style and More.” The usual cost of about $30 has been waived thanks to the Knight Foundation’s donation.

Register with Poynter. Under the title of the course (Cleaning Your Copy: Grammar, Style and More), you will find six options: Tweet, Share, Help, Give Feedback, Print and Course Report. Select the Course Report option to send me a detailed report of your progress via email straight from the Poynter website.

Any student in Sitton’s classes may take advantage of this opportunity to earn 20 points toward your final grade. I must receive the final progress report — showing your completion — no later than noon, Nov. 30.

h/t Dr. Manu Bhandari; editor gif by Tattau

Tweet like a journalist from live sports events

Source: Tweet like a journalist from live sports events

The Greats: LISTEN

Thanksgiving approaches and with it, an opportunity to archive a piece of your family history into the Library of Congress.

StoryCorps partnered with U.S. high school teachers to assign a generational interview. Teens interview grandparents by cellphone (with tips and other resources), then post to the LOC’s American Folklife Center via the StoryCorps app. But it’s not just for students — anyone over 13 can participate.

Former students may remember “the generational” from Mass Communication or Media Literacy. Of the three-part project, I considered it the easiest — and perhaps most rewarding — piece to do. It gave many their first opportunity to interview a subject and learn the best reporters listen.

I wish I still had the interview with Mama and Papa Macy from my undergraduate days, but I didn’t archive as well then.

Recommended Reading: Eight Letters to a Young Writer

Originally posted on The Daily Post:

Not quite a decade ago, author Teju Cole penned Eight Letters to a Young Writer, a fictional exercise in which he gives advice to a young Nigerian writer in a series of eight letters. It’s a lovely, leisurely read, packed with practical advice for writers, seasoned and new.

Here are highlights from Cole’s first letter, Simplicity:

There are many who use big words to mask the poverty of their ideas. A straightforward vocabulary, using mostly ordinary words, spiced every now and again with an unusual one, persuades the reader that you’re in control of your language.

The cliché is an element of herd thinking, and writers should be solitary animals.

In short, keep it simple. He continues:

Read more than you write. In expressing the ambition to be a writer, you are committing yourself to the community of other writers. . . . Read Mann, García Márquez, Coetzee, Joyce…

View original 425 more words

Get to Know the Faculty

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 7.26.00 PM

I didn’t know they posted this until I opened the website for class.

But you can get to know me too, if you so wish.

Your Toolbox

If you’re a communication major and have yet to subscribe to the AP Stylebook Facebook page, you’re hurting your writing and your grade.

File under: “Knowledge is Power.”

Make Plans!

Handel Messiah

Office Workout?

The Washington Post notes your job may be “killing” you. (h/t Sonny Rhodes)

As part of a solution, it offers to cut the stress with an office “workout” on a printable cubicle poster. Don’t forget to bust a move and de-stress at the same time. ;)

eMedia Update

This weekend I updated Audiophilez in eMedia for ease in finding online audio-related information. Those in the Multimedia Reporting course will likely find some of this very useful for class.

As a reminder, all students should be keeping up with the news both nationally and within the state.

Additionally, Sports Reporting students can find a direct link to Natural State Athletics such that they will easily keep up with sports both regionally and nationwide.

Hope you’re ready for Halloween week!

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